Organic WCF Bibs Two-Pack Black


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Mealtime can be a fun and stylish time for both mum and baby thanks to our new collection’s bibs. Coming in a set of 2, you can switch between the design you prefer, both are organic, soft and lightweight.

All materials, colours, and snaps are high-quality and safe so your bub can have a product made according to the toughest safety standards. We offer it in 3 colours, all to match your baby’s personality and style.


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Organic That Feels Organic

There is an emotional connection to quality that we associate with the word ‘organic’.


We use stitch count, gauge and fabric heat in line with the properties of luxurious Peruvian Pima cotton and bamboo. These settings produce fabrics that are silky and ultra-soft with the benefits of breathability associated with cotton, perfect for sensitive baby skin.


All of Babyusha’s pieces are made through an ecologically sustainable production that is GOTS certified. Our products are made with premium cotton that feels soft on the skin, is organic, and is made through an ethical process.

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Authentic Australian Designs

Authentic Australian designs that come from home and feel like home.


Babyushka is a proud and authentic Australian brand. Our babywear clothes are made by Australian designers with the utmost care and attention. All designs and patterns tell a story and bring depth to each of our pieces.


Every clothing print has been carefully designed to match the luxurious feel of it with a luxurious look. We offer a variety of unisex baby clothes with different colours, patterns and designs to complement your and your baby’s style.

Organic Materials & Processes

Everything we use in our manufacturing process is 100% organic and eco-friendly. We don’t use any chemical breakdown processes like used on other “organic” fabrics like bamboo.

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